(Video) Dan + Shay Wow Fans In Scotland

If you follow Dan + Shay on social media like I do then you've been witnessing one of the most impressive crowd involvement tours ever. It's one thing to have your crowd sing along with you but it's an entirely different thing to have your crowd scream the lyrics to the entire chorus back at you...
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(Video) Hang Gliding Instructor Doesn't Strap In Guest; Guest Hangs On For Dear Life

When folks ask me why I don't skydive, ride roller coasters or hang glide I just tell them that my life is more valuable than that kind of risk vs reward. I'm sure nothing would happen but I don't wanna risk it. This man ended up with a broken wrist but could have lost his life if not for some...
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(Videos) Hurricane Michael Uproots Trees Upon Landfall In Florida

Hurricane Michael is bearing down on the panhandle of Florida and the videos are starting to roll in and the storm is far from over. These videos show trees being uproot, power at hotels being knocked out and eery sounds from everywhere. Trees are being snatched from the roots in Panama City, FL!...
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#StupiderThanGeorge: Man Yells At Cops "Stop Following Me, I'm Almost Home"

Jordan Curtis Of Gainesville, Florida was speeding at about 1 a.m. - when a police officer turned on emergency lights and tried to pull Curtis over. Curtis continued SPEEDING on Northwest 53 Avenue, ignoring the lights and sirens behind him - until unexpectedly he pulled over and stopped only long...
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