Quarantined Couple Recreates Riding A Horse in Hilarious Video

This couple is feeling the full effect of the coronavirus quarantine. The couple just recreated riding a horse in a hilarious video that they posted to social media.
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Altuve & Bregman

(Watch) Altuve & Bregman Apologies Over Sign Stealing

Watch Jose Altuve & Alex Bregman issue their official apologies for sign stealing.
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Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

"MY STICK!" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Last Jedi w/ Baby Yoda

I have two words... Baby Yoda. Video of "MY STICK!" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Last Jedi
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Have You Heard Zac Brown's New Song? Or Watched The Video?

Zac Brown has a new solo project that he's been working on and it's not the Zac Brown you might be used to. A couple of years ago Zac had different solo project that he introduced called "Sir Rosevelt." Think of it kinda like a alter ego project. Remember back when Garth Brooks did the whole Chris...
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Dancing Priest Steals the Show at High School Pep Rally

Hallelujah! Hopefully this priest will help get your feet to the beat! A dancing priest from Florida is shocking the internet with his dance moves at a local high school pep rally. There's nothing like a #Gibbons pep rally! #DancingPriest — Cardinal Gibbons FL (@CGHSFL)...
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Lance McCullers Offers WS Ticket To Astro Fan Who Went Viral

It seems like when October rolls around and the Astros are playing for the pennant the good stories just keep rolling in and this one does not fall short! His name is Forrest Magee and due to the delay his friends had to sell their tickets to the game and fly home to Houston so he was forced to...
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Tim McGraw Sing "Don't Take The Girl" With Blanco Brown

Blanco Brown is known for his ear worm of a debut single "The Git Up" which went viral with the Git Up Challenge and he has introduced us to his style he called Trailer Trap Music. Brown has an incredible voice and is one of the most talented artists I've ever met. We had the opportunity to see him...
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(Video) Elk Attacks Park Goers Who Get Too Close For Photos

If you needed any more reason to stay in the car and stop getting close to wildlife....let this video be proof. The last thing anyone wants to do is take on an elk.
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WATCh: Man Catch Stranger's Phone On Roller Coaster

Losing your phone is one of the worst feelings in the world, and to lose it on a roller coaster? You are already thinking about paying hundreds of dollar to replace it once it leaves your hand/pocket. This guy is a stud and deserves a medal! Video of Catching a strangers phone on roller coaster
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Trisha Yearwood's New Single 'Takes You Back to Being That Little Girl With a Dream'

New York ( Country 94.7 ) -- Country music superstar Trisha Yearwood stopped by the New York's Country 94.7 studio to chat with Katie Neal about her new album, Every Girl , which hit stores everywhere August 30. Over the years, Trisha has racked up nine #1 singles, three GRAMMY Awards, published...
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