WATCh: Man Catch Stranger's Phone On Roller Coaster

Losing your phone is one of the worst feelings in the world, and to lose it on a roller coaster? You are already thinking about paying hundreds of dollar to replace it once it leaves your hand/pocket. This guy is a stud and deserves a medal! Video of Catching a strangers phone on roller coaster
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Trisha Yearwood's New Single 'Takes You Back to Being That Little Girl With a Dream'

New York ( Country 94.7 ) -- Country music superstar Trisha Yearwood stopped by the New York's Country 94.7 studio to chat with Katie Neal about her new album, Every Girl , which hit stores everywhere August 30. Over the years, Trisha has racked up nine #1 singles, three GRAMMY Awards, published...
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Maren Morris' new video for "The Bones"

Maren Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd, are featured in the new video for "The Bones." The video is shot in a way to resemble retro home footage of the couple on vacation. Video of Maren Morris - The Bones
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(Video) Miranda Lambert Used Shirtless Hubby In Promo For New Song

Miranda Lambert posted this video on Twitter yesterday (7/17) as a teaser for her upcoming relase of "It All Comes Out In The Wash" and her fans ate it up: “It All Comes Out In The Wash (board)”. Tomorrow 6am ET #putthatsuckeronspin ------‍♀️---- house husband shirtless promo vol 1. #NYPD #ihadto #...
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(Video) Mike Fisher Sings, Baby Cries, Carrie Underwood Sings Baby Smiles

One of the most fascinating things about babies is the emotional swings they can emit. You know, one seconds tears and crying and the next smiling and goo'ing. This video from Carrie Underwood's Instagram takes that to an entirely different level. Let's be honest, her husband Mike never stood a...
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granger smith and Amber

Granger Smith And Wife Amber Share Tearful Video About Son's Drowning

It's been two weeks since Granger Smith and his wife Amber lost their youngest son, River in a drowning accident at their house. Granger and Amber posted a video on Youtube talking about the accident, thanking everyone for their support, and what they plan on soing moving forward. It's a very...
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(Video) Apple Unveils Trailer For New iPhone

If you've been waiting to see what the iPhone 11 has up it's sleeve..there's finally a video trailer to give you some scope: Video of iPhone 11 Trailer 2019 — Apple My wow moment came when they showed the "Beam" technology where it appears to transfer all of your data/backup/photos wirelessly! That...
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(Video) Rooster Attacks Kid While Dad Records On Cell Phone

Alright, growing up, I had random chickens in my backyard. It was part of growing up in a country town. We had a rooster that would buck up at us if we got too close but we didn't really mess with him. We just fed him and made sure he didn't die. Every now and then, I'd get a wild hair and try to...
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Guy Uses Ice Chest On Wheels To Move Drunk Friend (Video)

These guys get a A+ for innovation: I mean, how wasted do you have to be to be oblivious to your body being pulled along on a wheeled ice chest at a music festival? Apparently, this guy figured out the limit. I have to tip my hat to these guys, though. Chances are the guy pulling the ice chest...
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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Shirtless!! Ladies...You're Welcome!

Ladies...I know that you've wanted to see Luke Bryan without his shirt on, and now your prayers have been answered. Thanks to a short video on Instagram that Luke posted we now know what's been under those tight T-shirts all these years. Y’all always love some bloopers. Here ya go. A post shared by...
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