Stupid People

STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Police Catch Fugitive After He Farts...and more!

A Drunk Man Tried To Swim Away From Cops, Then Had To Ask For Help An Oregon man’s Fourth of July ending with a splash. Deputies got a report of a "very intoxicated" boat operator. Deputies responded and found the ski boat in question and stopped 31-year-old Robert Callahan. When the deputy asked...
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#StupiderThanGeorge - Dumb People Doing Dumb Things

Woman farted in store and pulled knife on offended customer A Florida woman who passed gas in a convenience store then pulled a knife and threatened to “gut” a man who complained about it. Shanetta Yvette Wilson, 37, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill...
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Stupider Than George - Man Pays for Mcdonalds With A Sock & More

The Johnston Press from England, claims Shamsher Butt, yes that’s his name - recently lost his license for 18 months after he was caught driving under the influence. Butt was supposed to take his wife to the hospital for an induced birth, but instead went out partying with friends and ended up...
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