stupid criminals

#StupiderThanGeorge: Humble Man Shoots Himself While Spinning Pistol

Father Shoots Self While Showing Off: The Daily Mail claims a Humble, Texas father is recovering from shooting himself in the stomach during his daughter's birthday party. The father was showing off and spinning his gun on his finger when it accidentally discharged sending a bullet into his stomach...
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Stupider Than George - Man Pays for Mcdonalds With A Sock & More

The Johnston Press from England, claims Shamsher Butt, yes that’s his name - recently lost his license for 18 months after he was caught driving under the influence. Butt was supposed to take his wife to the hospital for an induced birth, but instead went out partying with friends and ended up...
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Stupider Than George - Man wearing Crocs attacked by Crocs, Sword Swallower Slices His Act

These are some of the people who are STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Crocs Attacked by Crocs Man Attacked After Jumping Into Croc Pit: CBS claims a Florida man jumped into a crocodile pit yesterday at the St Augustine Alligator Farm. The man broke into the park as they were getting ready to open. Staffers...
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