Clean up The Beach, Get A Beer!

Grab A Bag, and Then Grab A Beer! ABC-13 is reporting that on July 5th - if you come help clean the beach, you get a beer on them. "Galveston Island Brewing is offering one free beer to anyone who...
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(Video) Experts Warn About Grim Future For Galveston And Other Cities

I scrolled through Twitter today and came across this video and it reminded me of this TV show I saw when I was a kid. It was a show that talked to different experts about the future of our planet and then it also talked about Nostradamus stuff. I may be confusing the two shows but nonetheless...
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(Video) Two Foot Of Floodwaters In Galveston

Our friends in Galveston are dealing with a heck of a flooding issue because the non stop rain and rising gulf waters. I'm not a meteorologist but I think the Gulf of Mexico is seeing its sea level rise because of all the storm activity. These videos were posted on Twitter around 11am (9/14/18) of...
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