Yelling At Dogs Can Cause Them Long-Term Trauma, Study Says

Losing your cool when training your pup is not only mean, but it can also affect your pet. A distressing new study asserts that screaming at your dog and other types of negative reinforcement can leave lasting adverse effects on their mental health, reported People . Yelling at Dogs Has Negative,...
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Dog Hilariously Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Outside

Woof woof! Let me in! A hilarious video surfaced the internet when a dog frantically rang the doorbell after being left outside. In the surveillance video, a Labrador mix, Chika, was accidentally left outside when her owners went to bed. According to the New York Post , after the dog patiently...
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Chris Young Kickin’ It With Navy Dogs in San Diego

If you’ve heard the song “Raised on Country,” then you know Chris Young loves singing about being "raised on Merle, raised on Willie" and how his honkytonk attitude comes from Joe Diffie . But when the country superstar talked with Connecting Vets about his recent trip to Naval Base San Diego, we...
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CAN I GET AN AMEN: Dog Survives Wildfire And Waits Weeks For Owners To Come Home

A dog that survived the catastrophic "Camp Fire" in Northern California protected the ruins of his home for almost a month until his owner returned. Madison was there waiting when Andrea Gaylord was allowed back to check on her burned property in Paradise this week -- having fled when the November...
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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks And Trisha Welcome New Addition To Their Family

Garth and Trisha are always busy, but that didn't stop them from adding a new member to their family. Trisha Yearwood posted on her Instagram page a picture of their new bundle of sweetness. Introducing Millie, our new rescue! (Emmy’s still not quite sure what happened -- --) In the spirit of #...
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Britney Spears

Does This Dog Sound Like "Toxic" By Britney Spears?

I think a lot of us know Britney Spears songs. Especially the earlier Britney Spears the song "Toxic" for example. Well, the internet is talking about how a dog...yes a dog...sounds like "Toxic" from Britney. I actually was watching Jimmy Fallon last night and when they played played...
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NFL Receiver Shows Off Athletic Dog Escaping From Cage

This is pretty awesome! Apparently, Ju Ju Schuster's dog has been jumping out of the fence and he could couldn't figure out how so he set up a camera and voila. I was wondering for the longest time how my dog Boujee was getting out of his cage...look what happens -- #PrisonBreak @TeamBoujee pic...
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