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Missed Connections: BDub Bartender, Smiling Truck Man, Big Howdy!

(George) BDub Bartender In Pearland I was in a couple of weeks ago, You were the very lovely lady bartending. I came the following WINGSDAY – haha see what I did there. And then I saw you again tonight - I think you’re very pretty and would like to talk to you more, a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t...
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Missed Connections: Pasadena Granny On The Prowl, Parole Passion &Eye Contact

Turnt Granny needs lots of love (Pasadena) Woman for Man, Age: 59 This may be crazy but here goes. I'm 59, divorced, self- employed, educated, attractive, articulate and I know right from wrong. I want to grow old with you sitting on our Pasadena Porch, taking vacations, road trips and just...
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