(Video) Gator Hops In Pool With Couple For Late Night Swim...No, Really

I would have left a little lunch in the swimming pool. This late night dip, frolic, good time in the back yard swimming pool turned serious REAL quick when this alligator decided to hop in the pool to join the couple for some snaps. We're not talking Snapchat: Did you see the gator go after her leg...
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(Video) Man Tries To Dropkick Arnold Schwarzenegger And Fails Miserably

Add this to the list of things that are really dumb ideas...some guy thought he would dropkick Arnold Schwarzenegger at a community event and things didn't work out quite like he'd planned. First of all, Arnold is former Mr. Olympia! Second of all, Arnold is 71 years old! Third of all, HE IS THE...
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