#CanIGetAnAmen: Granddaughter's "Lucky Fortune Cookie Fortune" Makes A Papaw Rich

Charles W. Jackson Jr. loves some Friday night Chinese takeout – he does it with his family pretty regularly. A couple of years ago, probably after ordering some moo shoo pork and egg rolls, his little granddaughter turned to him and said papaw this one is good luck and I want you to have my...
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CAN I GET AN AMEN: Good News For A Good Day!

Postal Service Tells Boy Letter To Dad In Heaven Arrived Safely Britain's Royal Mail delivered a heartwarming reply when they received an envelope with this request: "Mr. Postman, can you take this to Heaven for my dad's Birthday." It was from Jase Hyndman, a Scottish 7-year-old whose father died...
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CAN I GET AN AMEN: Ikea Takes In Stray Dogs For Winter

An IKEA in Italy is offering shelter to stray dogs. The shelter is meant to protect them from harsh winter weather. The shelter was started after several local strays were poisoned. Customer Martine Taccia says; "IKEA decided to react to this ugly tragedy by giving the strays of the industrial...
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