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granger smith and Amber

"Never in a million years did I think I would be making that decision for my baby."

TISSUE WARNING: We found ourselves reading and reading this post from Amber, Granger Smith's wife, about the organ donation miracles from their son River It's okay if it's a good cry, right? I’ve always known I wanted to be a donor if anything were to ever happen to me. I just felt that if I had...
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STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Police Catch Fugitive After He Farts...and more!

A Drunk Man Tried To Swim Away From Cops, Then Had To Ask For Help An Oregon man’s Fourth of July ending with a splash. Deputies got a report of a "very intoxicated" boat operator. Deputies responded and found the ski boat in question and stopped 31-year-old Robert Callahan. When the deputy asked...
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A Video That's Going Viral Today: A girl licked a container of BLUE BELL ICE CREAM and then put it back in the store freezer, watch it here (warning - the comments are NSFW) This cute? A post shared by ECR (@ecrenaissance) on Jun 29, 2019 at 4:38pm PDT No indication on where this happened.
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KANE BROWN: New Music, How Much Did Rodeo Houston Influence This Song?

New Music from KANE BROWN! Mo swears (and we agree) that his appearance at Rodeo Houston really influenced and inspired him! Get Him to a Million Likes! Since y’all were diggin it I got a better sound quality for ya demo of ( rodeo ) tag a friend if we hit a million views I’ll release it for y’all...
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CAN I GET AN AMEN: Granny Gets her Dying Wish...to be arrested!

a goody-two-shoes granny in England was thrown in jail last weekend without committing a crime. It was, however, her “dying wish.” Josie Birds, a 93-year-old from Manchester, England, has spent her entire life on the “right” side of the law, and wanted to know “what it was like to be naughty.” In a...
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Missed Connections: Some "Almost" Love Stories

We Can't Stand The Idea that Someone Could Miss Out On The "Love Of Their Life" - that's why we do "MISSED CONNECTIONS": From this weekend, "Beautiful Ladies at Arby's" I don't know who's hotter...you or your daughter? Arby's just off North Loop and McCarty. Now listen, before anybody else reads...
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(Video) Brett Young & Boyz II Men Sing "In Case You Didn't Know"

Growing up, Boyz II Men were one of my favorite groups. On Bended Knee, Water Runs Dry and even though I was too young to truly understand the dynamic, "I'll Make Love To You" were some of my favorites. Now, over the last few years I've loved the R&B rhythms that have begun to emerge in Country...
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#StupiderThanGeorge: Humble Man Shoots Himself While Spinning Pistol

Father Shoots Self While Showing Off: The Daily Mail claims a Humble, Texas father is recovering from shooting himself in the stomach during his daughter's birthday party. The father was showing off and spinning his gun on his finger when it accidentally discharged sending a bullet into his stomach...
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Missed Connections

MISSED CONNECTIONS - Makeup Man, Computer Tutor and Boat Bingo

GEORGE: Cashier at Dollar General – Man for Woman Ridgemont This is Long shot but what the heck, I came in the Dollar General on Saturday, I was feeling low – but I saw you and my world lit up. I thought you were cute, and your store vest fit just right in all the right places. And you need to know...
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The Bull Helps Houston Fire Department Kick Off Operation Stocking Stuffer

Lorugene Young started Operation Stocking Stuffer 30 years ago and the tradition is bigger and better than ever thanks to many fine folks across our city. What started with 30 families has now blossomed into 4,000 families who receive toys each year for Christmas. This is the season of giving and...
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