NASA Tips For Staying Home and Quarantined Life

Friday, March 27th

"Work Safe-Stay Home" has kind of become a way of life for most of us right now right? Cabin fever, stir crazy, whatever you call it... it sure digs in and let's you know that you're not going anywhere. 

Someone posted "now I understand why my dog gets so excited to go for a walk" and that really made sense to us. Ya know who's stuck in a small space and can't take a walk? Ya know who knows about 78,000 books worth of useful hints and tips on living in couped up quarters for long periods of time... ASTRONAUTS!!

So we put in an official inquiry to our friends at NASA and much to our surprise they not only responded... they set us up with the amazing Racheal Tassmore. She is an Occupational Psychiatrist with NASA and is responsible for training our Space Cowboys and Cowgirls on how to cope with living in space. 

She gave us some of their suggestions that they have learned over the years and they just might help you and your family get through this crazy time with smiles and sanity all intact.