CountryNotCountry COVID-19 Cure In Houston? , Deborah Duncan wellness check , most impacted zipcodes in Houston, will concerts be closed till 2021? , I Love You, Now Die Review, Which businesses will open first?

Thursday, April 16th

00:00 - Nick takes on the Stock Market

04:30 –  Erin talks about the stock she told Nick about that has gone OFF (in a good way) on the stock market.

08:00 – Stock Market vs Gambling

10:00 – Erin struggles learning the Piano/Reading Music/Learning To Play

13:00 – Things we’ve accomplished or not accomplished while on quarantine

14:00 – Erin tries to revive her printer but now it only prints in two colors

15:00 – Nick tells Erin about his Prison Workout

16:30 – Erin’s lifelong fight against cellulite has taken her down a wild, new road.

19:00 – Walmart Trips / Salsa Verde Recipe

22:00 – Binge Watching: Erin talks TV Show “Schitt’s Creek”

25:00 – Binge Watching:  Nick Talks Documentary: I Love You, Now Die on HBO

40:00 – Lies we told as kids that have stuck with us our whole life! And the lesson we learned!

46:00 – Coronavirus Chat

47:00 – Houston Area Zipcodes with Highest number of COVID-19 Cases

49:00 – Erin searches the zipcode map in her area

52:00 – Areas around Houston that are hardest hit

54:00 – How COVID-19 spread at Cookoff & Ramon Ayala and how many people likely caught it during that time?

57:00 – Nick goes down internet rabbit hole and find the tent where COVID-19 was contracted!

60:00 – Did Deborah Duncan stay healthy?

1:03:00 – JC turns his spare room into television studio for Nick at ABC13

1:05:00 – What businesses will open up first?

1:07:00 – Will concerts be gone till 2021?