Country Not Country talks about Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix, Nick Russo's wild dating story & Maren Morris being very pregnant at RodeoHouston

Thursday, February 6th

Erin Austin & Nick Russo both watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix called "Miss Americana" and we discuss our takeaways from the show; then the story turns into Nick's recent dating debacle and then we talk about Maren Morris being 9 months pregnant at RodeoHouston 2020.

Taylor Swift Documentary - 00 - 07:00

Erin & Nick share childhood stories relative to Taylor Swift's outlook 7:00 - 10:00

Taylor vs Kanye incident 12:00 - 

Taylor/Erin "Women's relevance at 35 years old" 17:50 -

Does Taylor have a new boyfriend who is shown in the documentary? 23:20

"Thirst Traps" - 27:50

Nick's dating trip - 29:49

Maren Morris pregnant at Rodeo 47:17