Country Not Country - John Crist (Lauren Alaina's Ex) cancels tour over "Sexual Sins", Sending risque pictures/videos, Miranda Lambert's new marriage and Mutt Nation, Kenny Chesney's muse for "Tip of My Tongue" & Tim McGraw's new book

Friday, November 8th

Erin Austin and Nick Russo talk about Lauren Alaina's ex boyfriend canceling his tour over "sexual sins", sending racy texts and videos to people, Miranda Lambert's new marriage compared to her old one and her estate sale and who Kenny Chesney & Ed Sheeran wrote "Tip of my Tongue" about.

John Crist Apology - 00:00-5:00

Sending Racy Texts/Videos/Snapchat - 5:10 - 13:25

Miranda Lambert Talks Marriage & Mutt Nation - 13:30 - 22:45

Kenny Chesney talks about "Tip of my Tongue" - 23:05 - 25:00

Tim McGraw Book Tease - 25:00 - close