Country Not Country - Erin Austin's trip overseas, Kobe Bryant's death, Chase Rice upset about Bachelor contestant, Nick Russo meets Bachelor contestant

Friday, January 31st

Erin Austin & Nick Russo catch up on this episode of Country Not Country about Erin's epic adventure overseas to celebrate her dad's birthday, visit Auschwitz, Chernobyl and Munich's Red Light District (kidding kinda) and they talk about the passing of Kobe Bryant, Chase Rice's appearance on The Bachelor and why it left him "pissed off" and we talk about Nick's run-in with one of the contestants of this year's "Bachelor."

Erin Austin’s trip overseas 1:40

Germany 2:00

Auschwitz 6:00

Poland to visit Erin’s family heritage 9:35

Chernobyl 18:50

Kobe Bryant’s passing 27:00

Chase Rice is pissed about the Bachelor 31:40