Country Not Country Episode 24 - Erin Catches Wild Activity On Surveillance Cameras while on vacation, Nick has to get a COVID Test, Maren Morris Thirst Trap vs Troll Trap, Kane Brown Gets Lost In The Woods, New Music Parker McCollum & Nickleback

Monday, August 17th

In Episode 24, Erin Austin and Nick Russo talk about why it took two weeks to record a new episode, Nick had to get a COVID test and Erin was in Milwaukee for her birthday and caught some crazy stuff on her surveillence camera, Maren Morris's recent post with the "girls" on display was either a thirst trap or a troll trap, Kane Brown got lost on his property and the police had to help him but when they showed up they had guns drawn but why...and we listen to new music from Nickelback who did a cover of "Devil Went Down To Georgia" and Parker McCollum's new song, "Young Man's Blues."