Country Not Country Ep. 32 - Morgan Wallen Update On COVID Drama, Reba has a new man, Joe Rogan story and why men love him so much, Erin's musical pick gets record deal in Priscilla Block, CoJo & Reba Dear Rodeo, Special appearance by Leroy Cook

Tuesday, October 13th

In Episode 32, the podcast's super powers continue to show themselves as Erin & Nick recap Morgan Wallen's drama from his viral Tik Tok appearance and his talk with Loren Michaels, then they dive into Reba and her new boyfriend and what it says about dating during the pandemic, Nick breaks down the love affair with Joe Rogan's podcast, Erin picked Priscilla Block's music for the podcast and now she has a record deal, you can hear Reba's verse on CoJo 'Dear Rodeo' and Leroy Cook stops by and we play his new single and hear his story!