Country Not Country Ep. 27 - Does Britney Spears respond to our podcast? Boneless Wing Debate Gets Serious, Loretta Lynn And Kid Rock Marriage SpoofCMA Nominees and Snubs,

Tuesday, September 8th

In Episode 27 of Country Not Country, Nick provides evidence that he believes to show that Britney Spears listened to the podcast and replied by answering Erin's criticisms. Erin found a clip from a city council meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska where a man tries to remove the name Boneless Buffalo Wings from menus in his town and we get to the bottom of the silly posts from Loretta Lynn about marrying Kid Rock. Finally, we go through our picks for the CMA Awards that happen November 11, 2020 and we listen to new music from Matt Castillo "Say It" and we talk about Morgan Wallen's record breaking "7 Summers" and discuss Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion "WAP."