The Morning Bull

This Stay Home/Work Safe order has most of us hunkered down at the casa with a laptop and house shoes as our daily work attire. That applies to the kiddos too which means we all just joined the Substitute Club and class is in session y'all. 

I think we can all agree that our educators...
"Work Safe-Stay Home" has kind of become a way of life for most of us right now right? Cabin fever, stir crazy, whatever you call it... it sure digs in and let's you know that you're not going anywhere. 

Someone posted "now I understand why my dog gets so excited to go for a...
Today's Facebook Fight really could have come from anywhere... I think we're all seeing it and talking about it in some way. This one was lifted from a Richmond page though... is this from your area page? 
Virtual Concerts

100.3 The Bull's Virtual Concert Calendar!

With virtually the whole country staying home to help flatten the curve, some of your favorite artists are doing Virtual Concerts for the fans.
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Find out what's trending in Texas-  

What happened on Missed Connections- 

 Raise your hand for Can I Get an Amen- 

The Good the Bad,...
Holy.... Cow!! Ya know... a lotta folks ask us if our Facebook Fights are real. We're here to tell ya... YES!! We honestly couldn't make this stuff up if we tried... these are 100% real and the ONLY thing changed are the names! You need to listen to and share this one before they make us take it...