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Christmas - Santa Singing

New CHRISTMAS SONG Battle - Taylor Vs. Keith

Which NEW Christmas Tune Strikes The Right Note with You?
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WALK A MILE - Episode 4 - Sheila Mashburn

Episode 4 of our podcast series connects us with George's (from The Morning Bull) sister, Sheila and her fight against Cancer
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Stupider Than George Stories

#1 - Clown Arrested After Leaving Car Keys At Scene Of Crime: The Akron Beacon Journal claims the Akron, Ohio police recently arrested a clown after he returned to the scene of his crime at a Church's Chicken restaurant. Alonzo Morton was armed when he robbed the restaurant while wearing a clown...
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Carrie Underwood's Mom, Carol, Does 'The Champion' Rap in Oklahoma [VIDEO]

Carrie's mom is AWESOME in her concert appearance!
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