Facebook Fights

It's one of your favorite segments on The Morning Bull, FACEBOOK FIGHTS!!!

The city of Alvin does this thing called "Wanted Wednesday" where they post individules who have outstanding warrants in the area. One particular individule decided to chime in on the post that included his picture. A few lies about location and some name calling... and we have ourselves a Facebook...
Todays FB Fight comes out of a Walmart located in Lake Jackson. A "Cash App" card was found on the floor of the store and the "finder" tries to do the right thing by posting about the card to try and find it's owner... that's when the words, names, accusations and peach emojis started fling in...
Someone thought they were seeing "spy drones" outside their house in Pearland... so naturally they posted about it on their neigborhood FB page! That's when the FB Fight broke out! 
Several folks sent this one in to us and it is by far one of our favorites! There was an online community garage sale, a purchase, a facebook rant, and a Weed Wacker that all came together to start todays Facebook Fight! 
BC Updates is back y'all... Stephanie sent this one in and it seems like everybody wants to talk crap instead of helping people! Scams and Cardi B scams! Y'all are gonna love this one! Middle aged white women goin' all gangsta online!