Facebook Fights

It's one of your favorite segments on The Morning Bull, FACEBOOK FIGHTS!!!

This one is Halloween themed and from our friends in Tomball y'all! Donna posted that she wanted to wear her "sexy nurse costume" this year but she has gotten too chubby for it! That's when the candy corn started to fly in Tomball! 
Holy cow y'all! This one might be the most outrageous FB Fight we have ever gotten! He is "in Huntsville" if you know what we mean... and she's in love with him... but when someone else chimes in and admits that she sends pictures to him... well that's when everybody needs to be locked up because...
This one is from one of our favorite neigborhoods on the North side... one gentleman posted on his community that he had left his old Sidewalk Rocks outside for the taking... for FREE! Well... as long as you follow HIS rules! Y'all have to listen to this one before they make us take it down!