Facebook Fights

It's one of your favorite segments on The Morning Bull, FACEBOOK FIGHTS!!!

Today's Facebook Fight really could have come from anywhere... I think we're all seeing it and talking about it in some way. This one was lifted from a Richmond page though... is this from your area page? 
Holy.... Cow!! Ya know... a lotta folks ask us if our Facebook Fights are real. We're here to tell ya... YES!! We honestly couldn't make this stuff up if we tried... these are 100% real and the ONLY thing changed are the names! You need to listen to and share this one before they make us take it...
This one came from almost more people than we can count before it was yanked down by the Facebook police... but thankfully y'all came through and we got our hands on it and it turned into what might be our all time favorite FB Fight! You'd better share this one before they yank it down again haha 
Ashley in Deer Park sentthis one in about a something going on in the neigborhood and one citizen just couldn't handle it... that's when we got todays Facebook Fight! 
This one came in from one of our favorite Facebook Groups to watch...  we just love our neigbors in 'The Talk Of Alvin"! 

Today it's about a man who is worried that since his wife is leaning spanish... she is gonna be able to understand all the horrible things he's said to her...