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Opinion: Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Debuts Country Single And It Is Not Good

Give it a listen and you be the judge, what are your thoughts?

June 5, 2018

First and foremost I want to make one thing clear, I think AJ McLean is a very talented musician that has been a part of a very successful era with the Backstreet boys, and nothing that comes after this will ever take away from that. I think that about tells you where this is heading and it starts with the release of AJ's country debut 'Back Porch Bottle Service,' which is not good - at all. 

I am a fan of taking chances, in fact I encourage that and apply it to my personal life. I always remind myself that I will miss 100% of the shots that I don't take and I am not knocking AJ for doing that, but this being a big miss is an understatement. The production of the song itself is terrible, co-workers listening to it from a distance as I listened to it on my computer wondered if it was playing though headphones and not the actual speaker, while others thought it was a commercial. They were both wrong. 

The vocals come next, they are also not very good at all. With the Backstreet Boys, AJ tends to play to his strengths and when he does this, we get instant classics like 'The Call' from the Black and Blue album. There is a reason why Nick Carter and Brian Littrell always took the lead, their range was perfect for what they were trying to accomplish, I am in shock that this was deemed good enough to release.

Here is the song:

Crossovers are fine by me, Darius Rucker is the perfect example of that and his prescense in country music was well received and loved. Even the Backstreet Boys as a group taking a crack at it didnt bother me, LOVE those guys, the collaboration with Florida Georgia Line led to probably one of my favorite performances in a long time. I was clearly not alone, judging by Tim McGraw's face in the video below. 

I am not trying to spark a negative conversation, however I am slighly bothered with the fact that people (regardless of who they are) think that they can put out a bad product because they think that by "Country Music" standards, it will be considered good. This is not the case. If anyone wants to go a little more in depth about this subject, please reach out to me on any of my social media platforms. 

What do YOU think of the song? I am interested to read your feedback.