(Photo) Randy Houser And Wife Tatiana Announce Baby News

(Photo) Randy Houser And Wife Tatiana Announce Baby News

January 28, 2019

Okay, Carrie Underwood and her husband just welcomed baby Jacob. Brittan Aldean and Jason are ready for their newest edition. And now, Randy Houser has announced he and his wife Tatiana are expecting! 

There's something in the water in Nashville! I swear.

Congrats to Randy and Tatiana for the blessings to come with their baby! Here's their announcement from Twitter:

Let me just say, a lot of my life reflected back in my face when I listened to Randy Houser's new album "Magnolia" a couple of weeks ago and if his baby is born on June 27th (my birthday) I will officially begin claiming Randy Houser as my soul brother. If you haven't listened to his album, Magnolia, you need to do it soon. It's a different, more rugged sound to his music but you have to appreciate the honesty and bold truths he proclaims. It's a 2019 vibe, for sure.