Woman Sues Astros, Astros Fans Find Facebook Comment

Woman Sues Astros, Astros Fans Find Facebook Comment

April 11, 2019

A woman is suing the Houston Astros for $1million after she claims her finger was broken at the game by the t-shirt cannon that the mascot uses to shoot tshirts into the stands. 

I do think the lawsuit is a bit frivolous but I saw a picture/video of the woman's finger and it's substantially damaged. I can see that it was likely extremely painful and undoubtedly piled up the medical costs. Personally, I'm not putting blame on the Astros but I think it would have been a well received gesture if they had helped her with the medical bills when she contacted them about the incident. I don't think she'll win the lawsuit but I'm sure the lawyer saw a golden opportunity. 

Then, in a break plot twist, leave it to the Internet to find everything....

A Facebook screenshot appears to show the woman in the lawsuit making a claim online that the finger may have been broken in a way other than the tshirt cannon.