Pasadena, Texas Named 48th Most Miserable Place To Live

Pasadena, Texas Named 48th Most Miserable Place To Live

October 9, 2019

I hope you have come to read the article instead of just reacting to the headline because Pasadena, Texas wasn't the only area location on the list created by Business Insider and I think Pasadena is great. My parents met in Pas-get-down-dena and I have spent a lot of time there because my dentist office is there and I go to the PLSR every year! 

With that said, BI had their reasons for each location and here they are:

Pasadena, Texas is 48th on the list because of the abundance of petrochemical plants and a median income of $50,000/year and less than 30% of people have heatlh insurance.

Huntsville, Texas named #20 most miserable because guessed it..the prison system. Also, the inmated are counted as part of the population in Huntsville and the prison is the city's largest source of jobs.

Brownsville, Texas made the list in at #12 because of the perceived dangers of living in a border town and so few people have medical insurance coverage. 

Port Arthur, Texas is listed as #2 most miserable city because of the multiple hurricanes that have hit in the last 15 years causing $1.3 billion in damage. To make matters more difficult, their population keeps dropping which could make them ineligible for federal disaster aid. 

I guess with Texas being so big it makes sense that we'd have 4 cities on the list but I really think the term miserable is a poor choice of word. To me, being miserable is something that only a person can determine from the self. I mean, if the author of that article has not lived in any of the 50 cities listed how in the hell do they think they know if the people living there are miserable or not?