Parents Experience Worst Nightmare At Pasadena Elementary School

Parents Experience Worst Nightmare At Pasadena Elementary School

October 9, 2018

Parents of students from Jessup Elementary School in Pasadena were sent into their worst nightmares yesterday after being told to pick up their kids from the school ahead of schedule. According to a news report by Ivory Hecker of Fox 26 News, parents were notified to pick up their children and when they did they were told that a substitute teacher had molested multiple girls in the classroom during the after school program. 

Interviews with parents on site told a story that shook me to my core, the parents said the teacher lined the boys up and made them turn around while he individually molested girl after girl. More than one girl told the exact same story to their parents. As if, this was not horrible enough, there have been no arrests and Pasadena officials have not released the identity of the instructor.

As a parent, this falls under the most sickening of acts that I've ever heard. How in the hell is this person not in jail?! How has he NOT been arrested if the entire classroom tells the same story? 

Why the silence? 

This person needs to be arrested, charged, locked away and stripped of their rights. Aboslutely horrifying.