Colorado Springs Doesn't Disappoint

Nick Russo's Trip To Colorado Springs

September 11, 2018

I had never been to Colorado prior to this past weekend but it had always been somewhere I wanted to visit. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of snow so I wasn't in a hurry to go during Winter so we picked late Summer early Fall. I left Houston after I finished broadcasting from the Luke Bryan concert and landed in Denver about midnight. After getting a rental, I made the drive to meet my two friends down south in Colorado Springs. 

Shortly after closing time I linked up with my friends and we went to the hotel to call it a night. The next morning we headed to Manitou Springs and Colorado City to take in the sights, have lunch and check out the Garden Of The Gods. This place was unbelievable. Some of natures most amazing rock formations stand in the Garden of the Gods. It's the home of "Balanced Rock" where a 7 ton boulder sits magically balances on a tiny piece of rock. 

I was hoping for an epiphany while spending the weekend in Colorado and I got it. ➖➖➖ Stop thinking about the things you don’t want to happen. It all works out in the end. Embrace and confront your insecurities. One man’s wonder is another man’s afterthought. #Colorado #ColoradoSprings #GardenOfTheGods #Rocks #Mountains #Inspire #Insight #Perspective

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That evening, we went to a few different bars. Honestly, Colorado Springs is a small town, compared to Houston. A little less than half a million people in population, a heavy military population and college kids. We opted for a spot called Tony's which was described as a "Packers Bar" and there was Green Bay memorabilia all over the place. I think we may have gone to every bar/club in the city that night. All in all, it was a good time and the people were nice. 

It was the next day, Sunday, that our trip went to new heights. Literally and figuratively. We drove up Pike's Peak to the 14,000+ plus foot summit! After filling the tank with gas we headed toward the mountain. Fifteen bucks a person paid our toll up the beautifully paved highway. There were a lot of spots where my breath was taken away by the beauty and others that my breath was taken away because there was no guardrail on the side of the road and a several thousand foot drop waiting on the other side. 

Heights I’d never seen on foot and sights more beautiful than I can put. I found what I had been looking for and it was inside me the whole time. #Happiness #Colorado #Texas #PikesPeak #Heights #Vacation #Vacay

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There was a small rain storm brewing and the further up the mountain we drove the closer we got. At one pont, we were IN THE CLOUDS. As we got to the top of Pike's Peak, it started snowing. Big, heavy snowflakes that looked like styrofoam covered my clothes while I sipped the "World Famous Donuts" and drank a cappucino. My friends got souveniers and then we headed back down the mountain. It was one of the craziest downhill drives I've ever made.  My friends slept the whole way and I tried not to burn out the brakes. 

While I was on the mountain (my friends were inside) I stopped and talked to an elderly gentleman and his wife. He was a Vietnam Veteran and he told me about the first time he saw snow while serving our country in Korea. I found it to be special that he and I were probably 40 years apart in age but we both were experiencing Pike's Peak for the first time. A kind of balance of life, if you will. 

Last post of the weekend getaway to Colorado Springs! The views were breathtaking just like the altitude. #Colorado #Rockies #Mountains #RockyMountains #Vacation

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There was a sense of relief once we reached the bottom of the mountain, again. I felt like the hard part was over. Also, my ears weren't stuffy anymore from the crazy elevation change! 

All in all, Colorado Springs was a wonderful place with unbelievable views. The beauty I witnessed first hand was the same beauty that led Katharine Bates to write "America The Beautiful" and one trip up that mountain and you'll know what she was feeling when she wrote the song.