Murder Mystery On Netflix Breaks Records & The Confession Tapes Will Shock You

Murder Mystery On Netflix Breaks Records & The Confession Tapes Will Shock You

June 24, 2019

I think Netflix should pay me for watching as much of their content as I do but since that's a long shot, I've decided to start sharing with you my review of movies/series/originals as I watch them. The past few days I've found myself moving from one title to the next and apparently I'm not alone in this habit. 

Is it a habit? Let's call it a hobby.

I'm not alone in this hobby. 

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler star in "Murder Mystery" as a new Netflix original movie and it broke the record for most streams in 3 days with 30,869,863 unique views of the film. 13 million and some change were in the USA and Canada and the other 17 million came from throughout the world.

The movie was a twist on the Agatha Christie theme of a murder that happens as the lights go out. Sandler and Aniston are on their very, very belated honeymoon when they get invited aboard a millionaire's yacht for a birthday party. They take the invite and end up smack dab in the middle of a murderous family squabble. The twists and turns keep coming as Sandler and Aniston's jokes keep you with a smile and constant question marks. All in all, it was a decent hour and a half of entertainment. I gave it a 3 out of 5 taco rating and deemed it a zero regret watch. I found myself thinking, that was a nice break from all the serious crime stuff I usually watch.

Speaking of crime stuff, I watched season 2 of The Confession Tapes this past weekend. I always find myself at my wits end with the investigators who seemingly bully people into false confessions. It gets under my skin to think that law enforcement behaves in this manner, while being recorded with total disregard for the truth. The way they squeeze suspects into saying what they want with the threats of death and incessant lies that make the suspect question their own sanity is illegal for a reason. Watching families get torn apart breaks my heart and seeing people go through unwarranted punishment and harm because of inaqequate investigative work has to be the hardest thing to watch. 

In the very first story of the second season, it talks about a man who was accused of the murder of a 17 year old girl in a very small town. The man was interrogated for more than a dozen hours before he finally began to agree with investigators versus actually confessing. However, the tapes were used a confession of guilt and even though DNA evidence would completely exonerate him of the crime he is serving time. In this one particular case, the prosecution photoshopped pictures of his truck at the crime scene in an effort to confuse the man and get him to make a false confession. 

If you like the docu-drama and crime series you'll enjoy these episodes. Be prepared to be bothered by the way the investigators were clearly out of line continue to back their fake claims and assertions even after being proven to be wrong. It's quite astonishing and saddening.