Maren Morris Takes Down All Photos Of Baby Hayes

Maren Morris Takes Down All Photos Of Baby Hayes

July 6, 2020
Maren Morris Silouhette

This world is so ridiculous. 

Maren Morris posted a photo of herself in a pool on a floatation device while holding her baby and a beer and the internet went bizerk. She was mom shamed for the baby not wearing a life jacket and touted as an irresponsible mom. 

Honestly, this is absurd and it's a shame that they'd try and spoil her aspirations of being a mom. The sad part is that she felt compelled to share with her fans her greatest love of all and now she seemingly does not feel comfortable doing that. It's unfair and probably came from a lot of non-fans who sit around trying to project their miserableness onto others.

Like the gentleman and stand-up guy Ryan Hurd has always been, he stepped up to the plate to defend his wife:

Maren has a strong, unified team around her and it's a shame people want to try to bring people down for sake of joy.