Kane Brown Addresses His Experiences With Depression

Kane Brown Addresses His Experiences With Depression

November 26, 2018

Mental health is one of those things that has become a hot button discussion online and it's becoming obviously clear that many more people suffer from the obstacles created by depression than would like to admit.  Everyone deals with the challenges of life differently and for some the challenges can feel unsurmountable. These feelings are often accompanied by many questions about life's purpose, one's own existence and the darkness can seem to swallow you if you aren't able to find a way out. 

The light can be tough to find but we all find our ways through the darkness in our own way. I heard Quincy Jones say in a documentary, "The hills and mountains of life will figure themselves out but we gotta figure out our way through the valleys."

On Instagram, Kane Brown made a post about how is wife gets him through his depression. The post was powerful in itself but things got very real when someone tried to argue that the money Kane had made should make him not be depressed:

The one person that takes my depression away ❤️❤️ I love you

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One comment wrote: 

Then, Kane followed up with a message to everyone who suffers from depression:

You could sense the agitation in Kane's reply but it was warranted. This is a well lit spotlight on the issue of mental health and why people don't want to talk about it; especially, publicly.  The number of celebrities who suffer from serious depression with million in their bank accounts is evidence enough that depression doesn't care about your financial stability or job placement. 

Kane is a blossoming superstar and he lucky to have his wife in his life to serve as a light for him to depend on. We all want someone we can depend on to help get us through the tough times.

It doesn't have to be in the form of a spouse but family, friends, pastors or coworkers can help you out but it's up to us to figure out what drives us out of the dark times. If you're suffering from depression and need someone to talk to, you can always reach out to me on any of the social networks and I'll talk to you.

We're all loved, we're all cared about and we're all important parts of people's lives even when it doesn't feel like it. Thanks to Kane Brown for inspiring this blog and this brave conversation.