How Country Music Ruled The Grammy Awards

How Country Music Ruled The Grammy Awards

February 11, 2019

Country Music is in a special place, currently. It's always had a special charm to itself but the charm has begun to flourish. Similar to a cocoon turning into a butterfly, when each tiny segment of change is scrutinized it's easy to be critical but once the process has completed the product is something of awe. Evolution of sound is real and country music over the last few years is proof. Last night, the Grammy Awards proved it to be true.

See, what has happened is Country Music is product of the last genre that honors songwriting and a full band. The other thing that has happened is our stars of Country Music are being introduced to global audiences via the internet and crossover opportunities like Maren Morris in "The Middle" , Kelsea Ballerini in "The Feeling" and Kane Brown with Khalid in "Saturday Night." While some detractors would say this ruins country music I'd say they're cynical.  These monumental records only bodes well for the future of the genre.

Country Music feels like a family and when we want to claim our artists but in today's world, we know that sharing is caring. We have shared our artists with the global sound and it's brought worldwide attention to our genre. This has sparked interest in singers and songwriters across the globe to be attracted to Country and it's message of simplicity and depth.  

We needed a reminder that we're all interconnected and we all relate to one another and Country Music has delivered through art. 

Seeing the joy in Maren Morris' face while she was singing alongside Dolly Parton said everything about the reverance shown by Country Artists for those who came before them; consequently, this is another fundamental element in the success of Country Music. 

Dan + Shay followed one of the most brilliant performers to ever walk the Earth, Alicia Keys, with their performance and it blended perfectly. The quality of their song, the quality of their voices and their musician's spirit paired perfectly with a legend. That says a lot about the state of Country Music.

Luke Combs was among nominees for Best New Artist category along with some of the most prominent names in the world. 

Kacey Musgraves brought home the Grammy award for Album of the Year and she was the first female country singer to do it since 2010 when Taylor Swift brought home the hardware for Country Music. Kacey's album "Golden Hour" is an exceptional piece of artistry and she credited her husband for her work but it was her choice that led her to the mountain top. It was particularly special, for Texans and Houstonians, to see her win this award because she's opening RodeoHouston on February 25th! This will only take an already epic evening into the stratosphere. 

Finally, I found the tribute to Aretha Franklin to breathtaking and I loved the energy of the entire Grammy Award show; in addition, it truly felt like Country Music dominated. Maybe I have bias and that's okay but I'm proud of my bias because I'm proud to be a part of such an incredible industry. Country Music has landed in a beautiful place where art, diversity and sound come together like never before and I'm honored to be sitting on the rocketship.