Country Star Chase Rice Unhappy With "Bachelor" Producers

Country Star Chase Rice Unhappy With "Bachelor" Producers

January 28, 2020
Chase Rice

Look, I have no caught any of the episodes of the Bachelor on ABC but I keep up with a little bit of it. A couple of months ago I was sitting next to a gal at a tire shop in Houston who claims to be in this season but I have not watched long enough to spot her. That was my first connection to the show. My second connection to the show is that country star, Chris Lane, is now dating a former winner of the Bachelor. My THIRD connection came last night when Chase Rice's ex-galpal (girlfriend?) broke the news to the Bachelor that she dated Chase Rice WHILE CHASE RICE WAS SINGING TO THEM.

What in tarnation is going on?!

Apparently, the gal's name is Victoria and according to an interview with Chase Rice they spent an evening together. I'm not going to speculate but the way his comments sounded, to me, is that it was a flirty fling with no real connection beyond the moments shared in Charlotte. Chase feels like he was duped and that the producers knew what they were doing. 

When asked if he'd ever go on a show like that he said he'd only do it if they paid him a billion dollars. Billion with B!