Netflix Show "Cheer" Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Think

Netflix Show "Cheer" Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Think

January 13, 2020
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A fun fact about me: I was our school's mascot in 7th grade. It was early on in life that I watched the Phoenix Suns mascot (the gorilla) descend from the rafters of a NBA arena and thought about how much fun that would be to be in his role. My entire life, there's no doubt, I've wanted to be the center of attention and loved being in front of a crowd performing and in 7th grade I got that opportunity. 

The whole story about how I ended up trying out for mascot: I was gearing up for football practice when the coach called me out in front of the class and told me I was wasting my time because he would never play me on his team. I believed him so I dropped out of Atheltics and went and tried out for mascot. I got it done. I would not be sitting on the bench during the game, I would be in front of the crowd.

It wasn't until I watched "Cheer" on Netflix this past weekend that I understood what being mascot actually did for me.

Here's the trailer:


The show follows Navarro Community College in Corsicana, Texas through their journey to the 2019 National Championships in Daytona. They have a history of winning. A history of winning that is unlike any other sporting legacy. The series is led by Monica Aldama, coach of Navarro's championship chearleading program, who does more than coach her kids. She is a strong minded and accomplished individual who see her job as her divine purpose. She could be using her MBA and UT Business degree for a 9-5 job but she chooses to coach champions.

It only takes a few minutes to be drawn into the series because of the small town Texas story. How can that not intrigue you? Multiple national championships from Corsicana, Texas? I was all-in. 

The series looks deep into the personal lives of the cheerleaders, male and female, and shows why they were chosen to be on the team and what being on the team does/has done for their character. Some of the student athletes came from troubled pasts and some from not so troubled past but they are all treated as equals in their gym. 

It will take a stiff upper lip to not cry throughout the show but you'll find the tears to be from a happy place. "Cheer" squeezed the tears out against my will but it was mostly because of how their lives turned around when their passion was fed. 

There's is something to be said about finding your passion and finding people who help you to ignite it and run with the torch. Coach Monica Aldama was given a unique ability to peel back the layers that her student athletes walked into her gym wearing. Once the layers were pulled back, she helps them reorganize their priorities, accountability and self respect. 

In one part of the show (not a spoiler) one of the guests talks about how many of the people in the show had an identity but everyone told them to be something else or be some other way but Navarro and Coach Aldama gave them a place where they belonged and a place they could be themselves. 

I was kinda torn about whether I would publicly say I sat and binge watched a show about competitive cheerleading because nobody wants to be judged but then I took a few seconds to think about 7th grade. Football was my choice because deep down I thought that's where I had to go be a "star" in my mind. When life through a wrench in that plan, I followed where my life took me and I tried out for mascot and got the position. That ignited my spirit (no pun intended) to shine. It gave me sense of self that I needed. There's no dobut that what I learned during that year as mascot about myself, being in front of crowds and being a community leader helped shape me into the radio personality I am today. Plus, it was way better to ride the bus with the cheerleaders to every game than all the football players.