Are Your Facebook Friends Sending You The Same Message? Here's Why.

Are Your Facebook Friends Sending You The Same Message? Here's Why.

October 8, 2018

You're receiving that message from all of your friends because your friends are naive and considerate. They've let you into their private world of Facebook and they trust their friends. When their friends send them messages imploring them to share the chain letter to prevent some sort of vague privacy invasion, they believe them. 

It's an odd world we live in. The tables have literally switched. 95% of the people on my Facebook posting about their account being hacked or cloned are people who I grew up learning life lessons from. The people sharing the hoax/chain letter with worry and uncertainty are the ones I once turned to for answers about life and the world. 

There's been a 180 degree turn. Our former educators are on social media living their best life, sharing pictures of their family and friends and coworkers, sharing prayers, cooking videos, political opinion and whatever else they think their friends want to see of them. Now, as someone who's on the front edge of social media, having grown up in it, I now feel like the teacher, the empowered, the enlightened one.

Look, I don't know how else to tell you this but plain English, if you get something that says "Copy and Paste This" it's been copied and pasted and you don't have to copy and paste it. There's no requirement, there's no penalty for not following through and there is no pain in ignoring your friend, family, coworker, old high school buddy or whoever. 

Your first red flag should be the fact someone sent you a private message of over 100 words about anything. Who on Earth would communicate something that important via Facebook messenger? Nobody. 

I don't mean to come across condescending but it's reached an utterly, disappointing level. All weekend, I watched friends warn one another about things that don't even exist. Truly, dearly, invisible threats passed along to one another. Think about that. THINK ABOUT THAT. Passing on irrational fear over something that doesn't even exist. Yet, we do it repeatedly, yearly, day in and day out until something else comes along. Don't you remember the clown hoaxes about killer clowns running the streets? Yeah, another fake hoax. 

So, I implore to you, stop taking everything on Facebook so damned seriously. Chain letters are chain letters, the same ones you used to get (maybe still do) in your e-mail about "forward this to 10 people if you want to win money."

Facebook is NOT your friend and it's not a fair representation of your friends or family. It's a glimpse. 

Finally, this is somewhat related but it came to me this past weekend when someone reached out to via social media to ask me about the weather. 

If you really care about someone, reach out to them directly. Don't settle for checking their social media. Feel your love. Reach out and hear someone's voice, feel their tone and let them know. 

In conclusion, stop believing the b.s. on Facebook because it makes us look foolish.