Always Looking Down At Your Phone? You Need To Read This

Always Looking Down At Your Phone? You Need To Read This

June 20, 2019

It's really not shocking when you think about wide spread smartphone use among adults and kids but doctors are seeing extra bone growth in their skull/neck region that is believed to be from chronic smart phone use. Scientists in Australia have referred to these growths as "horns" growing from the skull. As a person who struggles with my posture in adulthood and after seeking answers I have a pretty good understanding of how muscles and bones can begin to fuse when left in one position for too long. It's the way the human body operates. It adapts to the user, for a lack of better terms. 

The idea, as I understand it, is that individuals spend close to two decades by age 25 looking down at a device. The neck is bent and that position is sustained for a large amount of time. Another example, staring into the screen because you're transfixed on the content could cause the muscles in the neck/spine to take on a form of permanence. The fusion occurs because of lack of movement. 

You can fact check this but I'm pretty sure if you kept your arm straightened for an exorbanant amount of time, eventually, flexion would be difficult. The tendons and muscles would grow accustomed to being straightened; thus, making it more difficult to bend. Sure, this would take a really long time to go into effect but that's what the research suggests about the bending of the neck.

Then, we mix in video games and the increased times of tension, bad posture, muscular focus to the same areas and it's recipe for posture problems.

All in all, the biomechanic research claims these bone spurs are growing at the base of the skull  from being bent forward. This takes the weight of the head off the spine and onto the muscles at the bottom of the head. This creates a build up or callus in the area as a response to pressure.

Honestly, in my humble opinion, this message will only reach a small  percentage of people who understand and will take steps to stop looking down to stare at their phone for lengthy periods of time and the rest will think about it and then disregard it. The heartbreaking part is the young people who are likely so phone addicted at this point the idea of not looking down at one seems foreign. Like the age old saying, you can't change people, we can only lead the way and hope they take the warnings while they still can.  Horns belong on Bulls not people.