5 New Country Artists To Watch

5 New Country Artists To Watch

January 11, 2021
Niko Moon on stage

2021 will hopefully bring back the lives shows like we remember but even during the pandemic there have been great artists working hard behind the scenes to deliver great music! Here are five of the many new artists on the horizon that you might like to know!

I have to start off with Niko Moon. It was about a year and a half ago that a friend suggested I listen to his song "Good Time" and upon the first listen I really thought there was something to this guy! Not just because he's singing about sittin' around a campfire but also the mix of his guitar and voice makes me feel like I'm hangin at the Frio with all my friends. You've probably heard the song on The Bull before, check it out here:


Next up, Chris Bandi and it rhymes with candy. One of the coolest, most down to Earth new artists I've met here at The Bull. Easy to talk to, easy to get along with and humble as they come! He spent quite a bit of time playing bars around Ole Miss while he attended college and with a few right turns and the encouragement of some good friends he's found himself on the rise! His debut single came about when he and a fellow song writer were sharing stories about the loves of their life and how they wished their grandpa had been able to meet the woman they love and thus the song "Would Have Loved Her" was born:


This guy reminds me of a couple friends I went to high school with in Goliad and I'm sure he will seem familiar to you too, his name is Robert Counts. You may have heard his song featured on The Bull with Rob & Holly or Coop's Rockin Saturday Night but if not, take a listen to his debut single. He's got a rough edge to his voice and his music carries the same dirt on your jeans vibes. Check out "What Do I Know" here:


Her name is Tennille Arts and her energy is contagious! You have probably heard her song on The Bull called "Somebody Like That" and it's catchy and full of optimism and light. I love when we get to play music that makes you feel good when you hear it and this song checks off all the boxes! She's relatively new but the more you listen, the more you'll love her! Check it out:


This guy's name is Elvie Shane and his debut single is called "My Boy." Upon first hearing this song on Facebook I immediately related because it reminded me of my relationship with my step-dad and how much of an impact he had on my life. This is one of those songs that tugs on the heart strings but is done in a way you are happy it's happening because Elvie Shane puts it together so well, here's the song: