#StupiderThanGeorge: Humble Man Shoots Himself While Spinning Pistol

And it happened at his daughter's SWEET 16 Party

February 20, 2019

Father Shoots Self While Showing Off: 

The Daily Mail claims a Humble, Texas father is recovering from shooting himself in the stomach during his daughter's birthday party. The father was showing off and spinning his gun on his finger when it accidentally discharged sending a bullet into his stomach. His daughter's Sweet 16 party was halted while he was taken to the hospital.


Police Mistakenly Bust Into Gallery To Rescue Mannequin

Security cameras at a London art gallery recorded police breaking through a glass door to investigate a "person" in distress.. Police and paramedics responded to a witness report of a suspected corpse just inside the glass doors at store front in London. Footage shows police reaching the supposed person and discovering it was a mannequin. Kollier Din Bangura, 36, said the dummy was actually part of his solo exhibition about the experiences of refugees in Britain. "I have used the same dummy before in other shows but this is the first time it's caused police to be called. When I came to the studio and saw the smashed glass, I immediately thought it had been vandalized. But the police left behind a note behind explaining what happened," Din Bangura said, adding that: "There were posters on each door showing it was an art exhibition."

Police Called After Man Said He'll 'Blow It Up' As He Enters Bathroom

An unnamed shopper in Kansas caused a major incident at his local Home Depot when he chose the wrong words to describe his intestinal discomfort. Staff called 911 after a customer reportedly told them that a man had just made a bomb threat in the bathroom. As it turns out, the man did make something of a threat, but not the kind that usually causes law enforcement to take notice. The man apparently told other bathroom goers: “You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up.” One of the individuals who heard the man’s warning felt the threat was serious enough to tip off store employees, and the call to the police followed. Police officers quickly responded to the store, where they eventually located the man, who explained that the only danger he posed was to the bathroom stall.