#StupiderThanGeorge: Man Yells At Cops "Stop Following Me, I'm Almost Home"

How about a guy that loves popping exercise balls?

March 21, 2018


Jordan Curtis Of Gainesville, Florida was speeding at about 1 a.m. - when a police officer turned on emergency lights and tried to pull Curtis over. Curtis continued SPEEDING on Northwest 53 Avenue, ignoring the lights and sirens behind him - until unexpectedly he pulled over and stopped only long enough to open his car door, lean out and yell at the officer to turn off his lights and sirens because he was almost home. Curtis then closed the door and continued to drive for nearly a mile to his home.

The officer handcuffed Curtis and searched his car, finding two bags of marijuana. Police found Curtis has never had a Florida driver’s license, beause he is STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.

The West Central Tribune claims Christopher Bjerkness, of Duluth, Minnesota, has been placed on two years of supervised probation for popping exercise balls at a rehab facility. The 40 year-old, who served six months in prison for popping twenty exercise balls at two high schools, got busted again after he broke into a rehab facility and popped $200 worth of balls. Christopher previously admitted to having a fetish for slashing exercise balls.