STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Police Catch Fugitive After He Farts...and more!

Passing Gas, Swimming from The Law and Cupcake Cats

July 10, 2019

A Drunk Man Tried To Swim Away From Cops, Then Had To Ask For Help

An Oregon man’s Fourth of July ending with a splash. Deputies got a report of a "very intoxicated" boat operator. Deputies responded and found the ski boat in question and stopped 31-year-old Robert Callahan. When the deputy asked him to get into the patrol boat for a sobriety test, Callahan took off his hat and lifejacket and instead jumped into the water. The thing he forgot, is that he doesn’t really know how to swim – so get got about 50 yards before he asked the deputy to pick him up. He failed the sobriety test, was charged operation-under the influence and with being Stupider Than George.


Cops Find Fugitive Because He Passed Gas:

Clay County, Missouri police recently busted a fugitive wanted on drug charges - because he passed gas. The police posted, "If you’ve got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot," – the man was hiding in the woods behind his house and the cops say they used “all their senses” to locate the suspect and charge him with drug possession ​and with being Stupider Than George 


Man & Cat Break Into A House, Eat Cupcake & Try On Christmas Onesie

A man accompanied by his cat made himself at home after breaking into Oregon residence on Sunday by trying on a woman’s Christmas onesie, eating a cupcake, and making coffee. The homeowners told police they returned home and noticed damage and items that didn’t belong to them. They found a cat wearing a shirt in the crawl space beneath the house. When officers arrived, a man wearing the owner’s Christmas onesie emerged from the crawl space. Police identified the suspect as 38-year-old Ryan Bishop. His cat is named Spaghetti. Investigators said the unusual home invading duo broke into the couple’s home, ate a cupcake, made some coffee, and found the homeowner’s Christmas onesie in the dryer. Animal control was called to the scene after Spaghetti refused to come out of the crawl space. Police said the homeowner declined her onesie not be returned after the suspect was arrested, charged with trespassing and with being Stupider Than George.