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How Deep Is Your Belly Button???

November 20, 2019

Man opens fire after debit card declined at a strip club

A man in Iowa opened fire in a strip club parking lot after his debit card was declined for a private dance. Last Friday - James Allen Wells, 67, was a patron at the Porsches Theater of the Arts in Waterloo, Iowa. It’s a strip club – and around 11 p.m. last Friday James got a lap dance and stiffed the club. His credit card was declined – so he decided to take out his pistol – NO A REAL PISTOL and shoot up the parking lot – please came and arrested him after a brief scuffle with police officers. Wells was charged with criminal mischief, reckless use of a firearm, and with being STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.


Escaping pet store thieves threw a guinea pig at owner

A Kentucky pet store got robbed – and it was unusual because it was two women in their early 20’s.  The owner of Pet Paradise says it got stranger – the only thing the two women stole was a pair of guinea pigs,  The dude said "Didn't look typically like the kind of girls that would be carrying an oversized purse, a very new looking oversized purse, and so I was suspicious," He said he confronted the suspects, screaming “Give me the guinea pigs!” as they ran out of the store and got into a car. One suspect rolled down a window and tossed a four-month-old guinea pig named Lucky at the owner.  The other ran over Gonyaw’s foot with the car. He says he suffered bruising. Lucky wasn’t injured. Danville police charged the women with shoplifting, animal cruelty and being STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.


380-PD Florida man hid meth stash in his belly button

Police have to do some pretty intense things – like the police in Clearwater, Florida who responded to a suspicious person call at the McDonald’s in Clearwater.  There they arrested Martin Skelly for selling drugs in the parking lot – they caught with lots of stuff but when asked if he had another contraband – he said NO.  But when got the 380-pound man to jail they discovered of a plastic bag containing a large quality of meth “wedged deep within the belly button”. He was charged with an unusually deep belly button, drug charges and with being STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.