Stupider Than George Stories

Stupid Clown, They Deliver WHAT to a Funeral and Student Hotline is too "Hot"

October 30, 2019

#1 - Clown Arrested After Leaving Car Keys At Scene Of Crime: The Akron Beacon Journal claims the Akron, Ohio police recently arrested a clown after he returned to the scene of his crime at a Church's Chicken restaurant. Alonzo Morton was armed when he robbed the restaurant while wearing a clown mask. He ran off with an undisclosed amount of money before realizing he left his car keys at the restaurant. Morton returned to the restaurant to grab his keys. Cops found them and Morton's car, which contained the clown mask, his gun, and the stolen money.


#2 - New reports say says 13 people at a funeral in Berlin, Germany recently got high after eating a hash cake. A German bakery accidentally delivered the cake to the funeral party along with coffee and other baked goods. The bakery says they took the wrong cake from their freezer. The hash cake was meant for another party. The mourners are expected to be okay.


#3 - A blundering school accidentally directed suicidal students towards a phone sex line instead of a suicide prevention charity. New Vista Middle School in Lancaster, California, recently handed out student ID cards with a host of helpful numbers on the back – including the digits of the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Line. But one parent was stunned to discover the number listed actually went through to an adult chat line where callers are encouraged to talk dirty with phone sex operators. New Vista Middle School and the Lancaster School District have yet to comment on how the mistake happened. They've since obscured the offending number on the card, which also offers students advice and numbers on what to do if they fall victim to bullying, a crime, or have information about an offense. The students at the school are now set to be given new ID cards with the correct numbers printed on the back.