Stupider Than George - Man wearing Crocs attacked by Crocs, Sword Swallower Slices His Act

Stupider Than George - The Morning Bull

November 7, 2018

These are some of the people who are STUPIDER THAN GEORGE:

Crocs Attacked by Crocs

Man Attacked After Jumping Into Croc Pit: CBS claims a Florida man jumped into a crocodile pit yesterday at the St Augustine Alligator Farm. The man broke into the park as they were getting ready to open. Staffers believe he was attacked because they found his shorts, Crocs and blood at the scene. Police found the man in a nearby neighborhood in his boxers. He had several bite marks on his foot and appeared to be under the influence.


Sword Swallower Stabbed With 13 In Stunt Gone Wrong

A sword swallower’s sideshow stunt went horribly wrong when he accidentally stabbed his throat with 13 swords at once. Chris Steele — stage name Captain Steele — was in an Atlanta nightclub Wednesday performing his act of shoving a baker’s dozen blades down his gullet and then twisting them, but inadvertently impaled himself on the weapons in the process. “Thirteen swords traveled about 16 inches down into my chest cavity,” Steele said from his hospital bed. He missed all of his vital organs, but still wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding. Steele has been performing his act for a decade and always warns audiences things could go south. “You say it all the time,” he said. “You know the possibility is out there, and then when it happens you know how dangerous and bad it could be.”


Florida Mayor Offered Woman Speed Bumps In Exchange For Hump(s)

The Florida Commission On Ethics found probable cause that Dave Stewart, mayor Of Lantana since 2000, asked a woman for sex in exchange for getting speed bumps installed in her neighborhood. "When something like this happens you have to stand up for what's right," said Catherine Padillia, the victim of Stewart's advances. She wrote a letter to the FCE stating that Stewart sexually harassed her and asked her for sex in exchange for the bumps. If found in violation of the ethics laws Mayor Stewart faces removal from office or fines up to $10,000 dollars per violation. The speed bumps were ultimately approved, but Padilla says Stewart later told her that he would get them removed since she hadn't slept with or thanked him. He denies the charges, but Padillia says she's glad he's being held accountable.