Missed Connections: Some "Almost" Love Stories

Sprinkles, Library Cards and Tape Measures [LISTEN]

July 29, 2019

We can’t stand the idea that someone could be missing out on the LOVE OF THEIR LIFE.

That’s why each week, we go to Craig’s List to find these ALMOST LOVE STORIES that touch out hearts, like these:



You Lived by the Donut Shop (Montrose) - I met you a couple times about 20 years ago after getting your name and phone number off a video arcade wall. Just wondered if you were still around. You gave nice massages, and loved sprinkles.  Would love to reconnect.  (Sprinkles on the donuts, right?!?!?!)



…Man for ALL the sexy ladies at Tullis library…New Caney

…I go to the library a lot.  When I’m there, I find so many women there simply irresistible. I'm a bit shy so I never speak up but if ANY of you feel the same way please message me back. Who knows? We might have the hots for each other.



Redneck buddy WFM Friendswood

I am looking for my redneck buddy. Remember the good times we had when you would leave work early and would contact me on the walkie talkies and we would find something to do near the concrete mixer behind the security trailer?  I can't believe it has been so long since we got together. I hope you remember me. I'm the 40-year-old chick that you could always count on, and you’re the impressive 30- year-old man that I could always count on like a tape measure! Get ahold of me, I miss you! ​