Missed Connections: Some "Almost" Love Stories

Arby's Sauce, Book Learning & Trail Buddies

June 24, 2019

We Can't Stand The Idea that Someone Could Miss Out On The "Love Of Their Life" - that's why we do "MISSED CONNECTIONS":

From this weekend,

"Beautiful Ladies at Arby's"

I don't know who's hotter...you or your daughter? Arby's just off North Loop and McCarty. Now listen, before anybody else reads this and thinks I'm disgusting, the daughter looked like she was at least 21 give or take. One had the hotter body, but the other had more teeth. I won't say who had what to protect the innocent. I also like that t-shirt that said "I party because I'm sassy". Hit me up ladies...because you know I got the meats! (Arby's joke...did ya get it?)


"Woman for Hot Male Librarian…New Caney"

…We met your first year at the library and I thought you were so hot then. The last year or so you've lost a ton of weight. You look a lil sick now.

…Your office at one time had Lego people all over the window and I’d like to play legos (or Dungeons and Dragons…you seem like that kinda guy) with you. 

…If you're single, and not on some sort of drug email me back.

…If you're married, she needs to learn to cook. You are losing too much weight.


"Trail Buddies At The Park (Spring, Tx)"

I’ve gotten used to seeing you while running at the park, once we smiled, once we spoke briefly, but the other day… off the trails… under that big live oak as the sunset is the first time we actually connected.

We're supposed to meet up, but lost your info, I had to hide it. Hope you come across this, reply with which trail area we were on, and what we did. Looking forward to repeat, this time you bring the OFF spray!