MISSED CONNECTIONS - Makeup Man, Computer Tutor and Boat Bingo

Some ALMOST Love Stories From The Weekend

December 10, 2018
Missed Connections


Cashier at Dollar General – Man for Woman Ridgemont  

This is Long shot but what the heck, I came in the Dollar General on Saturday, I was feeling low – but I saw you and my world lit up.  I thought you were cute, and your store vest fit just right in all the right places.  And you need to know that you were right… the makeup I bought would look great on you..if by chance you see this I’d like to talk and more…



…Scholar for Man…Missed in…Midtown

Looking for friend who tutor me on the use of computer! He like foot massages!

.…Surely this doesn’t happen often.  Does it?



Bingo Night in Angelton – Man for Woman

Hi. I’m the 50 year old lonesome country boy you met last week at the seniors Bingo night in Angleton! We talked about how getting to this age has been tough and laughed saying “if we had a boat we would retire together right now and sail off into the last voyage”! You won that round of Bingo and that was the last I saw of you. Well… The boat I'm in gets lonely… and I'd love to have a rowing partner. I’m tired of rowing myself! This ol’ Captain needs his first mate.

All aboard in Angleton