Missed Connections: BDub Bartender, Smiling Truck Man, Big Howdy!

Help Us Reconnect Some "Almost" Love Stories

March 4, 2019

(George) BDub Bartender In Pearland

I was in a couple of weeks ago, You were the very lovely lady bartending. I came the following WINGSDAY – haha see what I did there.  And then I saw you again tonight  - I think you’re very pretty and would like to talk to you more, a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t think it would be a good idea because you’d think it was the beer talking. And tonight, I had my son with me so I thought that might break the ice, especially since I had him ask for your number.  Which BTW was hilarious that you gave me the number to animal control, you’re funny and I think you picked up on my vibe – message me here if you’re interested.  (Mo wants to know how old his son is…5 or 25)


(Mo)…Smiling Darlene for Truck Man…Clear Lake Shores

…We were at a red light at Bay Area Blvd & Red Bluff Rd on Wednesday morning.  I was admiring your nice silver truck when I looked up and saw you rolling down your window.  I was SURE you were going to tell me I had a flat or my gas cap was open but you said: “I was just admiring how pretty you are!”  I was a frozen mess so I just smiled…and slowly rolled up my window.

…I’m AN IDIOT!  I’m SINGLE!  I will forever look for you at the same place, same time OR you can just hear this and give me a call.


(Cowboy Dave) Big Howdy with Ear Gauges

"I branded you as BIG HOWDY, with your contradiction of long hair, great cowboy beard, silver belly hat, PINK paisley shirt, and stretched out ears. We were both at the Pig Races when a friend of yours had slapped your big ol' ear thingy out of your ear and I was the lucky one who found it… If you read this, respond with the gauge and color of your ear thingy. --"

Can you help us reconnect these “almost” love stories!!