Missed Connections - Some Almost Love Stories

Pacers Jersey, Movie Buddy & Chubby on Telephone Road

November 12, 2018
Missed Connections


You Told Me The Pacers Suck/Rockets – Pacers Game Last Night

Male Seeking Female

“I was wearing a Pacer jersey. You came up to me and screamed that the Pacers suck and that my shirt was ugly. You said I wore too much cologne as well. You were drunk but very funny. I asked you for your number but you laughed in my face and walked away. You’re friend Jeff told me that you thought I was cute. He said that was your way of flirting. You’re not that hot but your attitude makes you hella sexy. My Father owns a massage parlor. Let me treat you to the works. I promise I won’t wear my Pacers jersey. Please respond.”



…Gentleman for Lady…Movie Buddy…Sugarland

Male Seeking Female

“I am a looking for a lady 25 to 65 years who I can enjoy watching a movie during the day or afternoon.”

(BTW – George said because he and Deanna are split city parent/spouse – he relates “sometimes, I’d like a movie buddy too..”  to which Cowboy Dave said “ is GOODWILL AND CHILL allowed in your marriage”…hahaha)


Cowboy Dave:

Chubby On Telephone Road

Male Seeking Female

“Looking for the chubby girl from Telephone road last night! You were walkin’ with a skinny girl, carrying 2 big paper bags shaped like them big ol’ plastic bottles from Don T’s liquor stow…  I passed y’all on my bike and you said “Single and clean baby”.  After I picked my bike up off the ground… you be gone! Hmu”