Carrie Underwood's Husband Gets Harsh Review Of His Singing!

Their Baby Prefers Mom's Singing - but WHO doesn't

June 24, 2019

Carrie Underwood and her family are spending their summer on the road!  They’re seeing the country, experiencing lots of fun in new cities and making their crazy life word with two babies in a tour bus.

…Baby boy Jacob was havin’ a rough moment when his daddy tried to sing him a little song.  Mike Fisher isn’t a bad singer!  Remember when he sang with Garth Brooks?! 

…But when your Mommy is Carrie Underwood, I guess you just expect the finer things in life.  WATCH THIS: (VIDEO)

Everyone’s a critic...--‍♀️ @mfisher1212 @vincegillofficial --

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…She posted the video with the caption…”Everyone’s a critic”.  Ha! 

…Someone tell Vince Gill to check his Instagram.  No word yet from him on his impression of their family’s rendition of his song (“I Still Believe In You”).