#CanIGetAnAmen: Granddaughter's "Lucky Fortune Cookie Fortune" Makes A Papaw Rich

Such a Sweet Story

July 2, 2019

Charles W. Jackson Jr. loves some Friday night Chinese takeout – he does it with his family pretty regularly.  A couple of years ago, probably after ordering some moo shoo pork and egg rolls, his little granddaughter turned to him and said papaw this one is good luck and I want you to have my fortune cookie fortune.  So like any good papaw he took it and tucked into his wallet.  And the next week when he stopped to buy a lottery ticket – he remembered the fortune and pulled it out and played the numbers on it.

He didn’t win.

But he decided to play it again the next week – spoiler alert, he didn’t win then either.  But Charles said he keep thinking about his granddaughter and how she kept saying it was good luck. So for the next two years every time Charles played the lottery he played those fortune cookie numbers.

Well on Tuesday those numbers finally came through, “I didn’t see it all at first,” Jackson recalled. “I thought I had only matched four of the five white balls. I thought that meant I had only won $50,000. I called my wife and told her, ‘I need to go to Raleigh. I won something!’”

But then while dialing his daughter and granddaughter to tell them about the $50 Grand…he realized that he’s misread the ticket and he’d actually matched all of the numbers and he’d won a staggering $344.6 million in the Powerball.

“You play to win,” Charles said, “But you never really expect to win the whole dang pot.”

Charles said he’s gonna take care of college for his granddaughter, help St Jude Hospital, The Wounded Warriors Project and more – but as for him “It probably won’t change much,” Jackson said. “I mean, let me put it this way, I will still wear jeans. But I will probably buy some new ones!”

And they’ll probably have Chinese takeout again this weekend!